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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The lengths one will go to avoid doing something sensible

I needed an air chuck the other day. I need to fill a tire on an old trailer. My friend has adopted 3000 chickens and I'm helping him find feed for them. The idea was to mount an old power bin for fertilizer on an old trailer and transport 6,000lbs of feed at a time. The old idea was to load big bags but since his tractor won't lift over two thousand pounds and my forklift will lift 10,000lbs he ran into some problems on his end.
So, the trailer had a flat tire and it was buried in the black berries and covered in scrap metal. I unloaded parts for a 1930's Minneapolis-Moline disk (brand new), a motorcycle dyno frame, a seat for a long dead 3-wheeler, a new section of hay elevator that didn't sell 25 years ago, an old wash tub, straw chopper parts for an Oliver combine (also new) and a pile of rotten plywood.
It was out of range of the shop air hose. The truck with the aircompressor was headed up against a building and had a dead battery, the air compressor in the back of the truck was out of gas and there is no gas on the farm. (wonder if that is why the duck quit stalking me?)
There is no gas on the farm because my brother's faithful helper likes to come to work for half a day, fill up with gas, and go home and we have not bought gas all winter.
The neighbor's find that amusing, they call me up when I'm not home and tell my I've overworked my employee as he is filling up with gas and going home.
But, I digress...
I found a portable air tank in the shop but I could find the filler. The little bin that was nailed to the wall and held air line adapters seems to have fallen off the wall. (That probably didn't happen yesterday.)
But! I found an adapter to convert a jackhammer type airline to take a large air wrench and it got me on a quest to find a large to small adapter and when that failed I found a whole pile of pipe fittings and stepped it all down to the right size adapter.
I have no idea where all these parts are supposed to belong.
It is a bit awkward to fill tires and wheeling a volkswagen powered rotary air compressor around is a bit awkward. However, I can pick it up with the forklift.
150 psi and enough cubic feet per minute to provide jet propulsion to a midget will fill a tire in a hurry. Nearly came to grief filling my daughter's bike tires.


  1. wait wait wait.... "My friend has adopted 3000 chickens"... i'm afraid this requires a little more information. go on...

  2. I don't suppose you ever thought about putting a lock on the gas.


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