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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My friend is on NPR and his interview gets edited to reflect the OPPOSITE of what he said

It is kind of funny because my friend is a huge fan of NPR.
He actually believed that the Affordable Care Act would cover him if he quit his job and started raising chickens. He has back problems so it is hard to get insurance. If the Affordable Care Act was really designed to be useful then he could get coverage for a reasonable price and he could pursue his dream of raising way too many chickens.
Instead he found that Obamacare and Cover Oregon is such a mess that he now does NOT have insurance. I think he thought he was being interviewed to provide constructive criticism not to be a cheerleader for a failed system.
It is a real quote but it is only half the statement. His statement was cut when he said, but it didn't work that way.
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  1. That's what happens when a person deals with liars.

  2. Journalists and muggers often practice the same trade.

  3. npr hippies. cant trust them.
    i still want to know about the chickens....

  4. Do you remember the Peanuts cartoon about Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown? My guess is that your friend will not change his thinking. He will be ready for the next round of kool aide when it comes. I hope I am wrong.

    Grace and peace.

  5. The problem is that he is, or will be making a proffit. If he just sat around and didn't work, his health care would be free. The New American way!


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