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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If you put a can of starting fluid under the seat of your tractor and...

You weigh 375lbs,
it will burst... If only he would have been smoking a cigar!


  1. Sounds dangerous. Now I have another excuse to never use starting fluid on my tractors.

  2. Little Helper space program defeated by roof on cab.

  3. Must have given him quite a start!

  4. I bet that woke him up! I was nearly killed by a soft drinks bottle rolling un der the brake of an old 2140 when I was about 15. I was sat on the mudgaurd at the time and the tractor went out of control down a steep bank. I lived to tell teh tale and now never leave anything that could roll undeer a pedal although maybe I need to check under my seat as well now!

  5. He never even knew it burst. Go figure.
    Starting fluid can be exciting. I've seen it used to seat a bead on a tire. Spray a liberal about inside the tire and light a match. Pops it right on the bead. Sort of startling to see it work.

    1. You learn something every day! I'll remember that one. Thanks!

  6. Also, if you look closely you will see TWO cans of starting fluid that have holes in them. That seat has a lot of travel!


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