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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I got a new toolbox

I like tools. It is part of this image I have of mechanics and farming. You see it is really the idea of the work that I like, not so much the work itself. The noun form of the word and not the verb. The idea of good quality wrenches and clever diagnostics and the purr of a 585 cu inch inline six cylinder engine that was designed in the 1930's and is still running in 2014, or a barn full of hay or nice straight rows of corn. Getting the work done is a whole different subject.
I found a nice older Sears toolbox yesterday in a salvage store. It is in really nice shape. I swear anything made before 1990 is of superior quality. A few thousands of an inch thicker, a little more polish on the castings, a bit more oil in the plastic.
My wife and I were in Portland looking for a vintage sink. One of those old sinks with a built in drainboard. Rebuild-it had a metal counter with sink listed on their internet site. I like the old Youngstown Steel kitchen cabinets.
Rebuilding the kitchen is therapy for my wife after her good screwing by Western Mennonite whose new motto is "procedures not nonresistance," or perhaps "we won't make you wear a devotional veiling but if you wear a strapless gown to the prom, we won't put your picture in the yearbook, if we had a prom and not a banquet."
But, I digress...
We didn't find a sink but I bought a tool box. It is a pretty small toolbox but it is a very nice sized toolbox. It replaced my previous Sears special which I carried on trips or when I went to buy cars/trucks of questionable salvage value or attempted to start dead tractors.

The key is to have the correct tools but still be able to carry the box.
Since I have to also repair commie metric stuff as well as standard I need essential metric tools as well.
Here is the basic complement of tools.
-3/8 socket set up to 3/4"
-3/8 sockets up to 18 mm
-A speed handle for when I don't have an air wrench
-Box end wrenches up to 3/4, Metric up to 19 mm.
-Tubing wrenches metric and standard
-The biggest crescent wrench that will fit in the box
-6" crescent
-screwdrivers, a big one to pry with also.
-Allen wrenches
-Emory cloth for polishing points and spark plugs and battery terminals.
-Battery terminal cleaner
-Pliers, side cutters, needle nose
-A length of 16 gauge wire (for electrical testing and short circuiting)
-Electrical test light
-various 3/8 and 5/16 bolts, nuts, washers.
-Small box electrical connectors and crimping tool
-7/8, 15/16, 21mm, 1 1/8" box end wrenches
-A special tool that helps you pull the strange little bolts up through the sickle when you are changing sickle sections.
-A couple different sizes of spark plug wrench sockets.
-A sharpie pen.

I've found that with these basic tools I can fix almost anything.
And now, I am off to try starting the G1355. Last night my brother and I rebuilt the waterpump and I installed it. I have the busted knuckles to show for it.
Today I am going to start the engine again....


  1. If tools are any guide I think you are a far better mechanic than me. Usually an adjustable (one size fits all) wrench, vice grips, a few screw drivers and a bunch of other miscellaneous and disorganized odds and ends comprises my tool box. Good luck starting that Mini.

    1. I get called on to repair things a lot. So I have to keep a good basic tool kit. You have nobody to break your IH collection. Our MM collection gets a lot of abuse.

  2. I like tools too. I have hundreds that I don't use, but if I ever need one, I know that I have it somewhere. Looking for tools usually takes me longer than as using them. Sometimes that is an advantage.

    1. It is really satisfying to know you have the right tool for the job. I suppose it would be better to know where the tool is.

  3. I love tools. I now have tools I forgot I had.

    Don't look now but lots of American cars use metric fasteners.

    I'd like to see some pictures of that tractor in action when it's up and running. Yes, I am confident it will be running soon!

    1. You have to have a car newer than I have to worry about Metric fasteners. But, I do have quite the mix of Metric and Standard. Even have a couple Whitworth.

  4. A man can never have enough tools, even if he never uses them.

    1. Very true. The more interesting the tool the better.

  5. How big is the hammer:) Just put a sink w/ drainboard in our utility room. I have had the sink for ages and love it!

    1. You really only need three tools. Hammer, crescent wrench, vice grips.
      Big hammers are best.
      I like a drainboard that drains into the sink because I don't understand how to run the dishwasher.

  6. Ah , Tool boxes . The delight and curse of every farmer . One can never have too many tool boxes or too many tools .
    When I was actively farming I had tool boxes of all sizes and nature in every moving engine powered rig.
    My one ton an ever more impressive aray of air tools , sockets

  7. and hammers ! Gas powered welder, Ace torch , vices ,bars and beer . Beer for when one needed to think a bit on the complexities of project at hand . :>)

  8. Also have a nice sink drain board sitting in an out building. It was supposed to become a parts washer and drain board for shop . White enamel , free to a good home , complete with base cabinet.

  9. ooh! a sharpie. whoot!
    nice toolbox


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