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Friday, December 6, 2013

It is snowing

My daughter had to go to school.
This is pretty funny.
You have to realize we live in Oregon and everything shuts down when there is a hint of snow.
Most people then sit around the TV and watch cars slide down the hills in Portland and laugh when the News People have to run for cover.
My daughter is not happy!
I tried to help.
I said, "Out of solidarity with you, I promise not to have a snowball fight with your cousins."
This did not help.
Right now we have almost blizzard conditions outside our house.
Blizzard Lite-Less Filling
I doubt it is really slick outside as it is 25 degrees. It is not going to warm up today so it won't be dangerous.
I suspect NOTHING will get done at school today. There are a lot of windows and the kids can see the snow. But then again, it ain't like we would be a tuition refund for a snow day...
A record snowfall!

And Now a photo of some corn!
This was like what...last month?


  1. blizzard conditions?
    I must be on the outer edge of the tornado from you.
    The wife wants me to throw hay out for the cattle. It’s cold. I’m cold. They have fur & ate well yesterday & can find grass under 1/2” of snow very well.
    The elk are back! About 90 in your hay field yesterday.

  2. the corn pictures are the best! no snow here... we have some kind of frozen particulate matter tho. no one is happy.

    1. Not enough to go sledding, just enough to make the roads slicker than snot. Kind of a sheet of ice. Shouldn't be so at 24 degrees.

  3. Wow! Corn! Just for the record, Chrome won't let me on your blog, saying that's it's contaminated with something called "," some sort of malware. Internet Explorer, however, let me right on, apparently not caring if I can ever use my computer again. Some days, you just don't know WHO to root for!

    1. Glad you like the corn.
      The peoplescube has been hacked eh? Never saw that one coming. Talk about conspiracy theories. I suppose I should remove the link. I like the artwork.

    2. I had that here, antisuperspyware took it off for free and it was easy if I can do it.

  4. Budde, I don't want to be-little your blizzard but here that amount of snow would hardly be noticed. Of course the highway crews would be out making the snow dust fly and spewing car corroding tons of salt on the pavement to make sure the invincible drivers in their all wheel drives can continue to exceed the speed limit.

    1. Ralph, it is ice. Not like snow other places. No sanding trucks.
      I have a woodstove and a rocking chair

  5. And most flavors of ambition for those of us on the rocking chair side of 50.


    I think I lost your email address in the software update.



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