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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So here I am in sunny Florida. It is beautiful. White sand beaches. We are staying at the Howard Johnson in St. Petersburg. It is not super deluxe but it is great for us. People are friendly the weather is perfect for people from Oregon.
We walked the beach this afternoon. Saw a monstrosity of a pink hotel which My wife sort of remembers from when she was here years ago. We want to go the Salvador Dali museum, perhaps tomorrow. It reminds me of home. DON'T ask me why...
It is very hard not to spend money.
Had an awesome deep fried shrimp dinner at the Spanked Monkey or Scalded Monkey or Funky Monkey or something Monkey restaurant next door. Walked down to an old Tasty Freeze that is now something else. Had ice cream. The band in the nightclub down the street is playing of cover of that song about standing on corner in Winslow Arizona, just played us some Bob Marley followed by Skinnard earlier. Everyone is in bed and sleeping peacefully.
I'm having issues.
The following part of this post most likely will go away tomorrow so don't comment on this part. I think I should be pretty careful what I say at this point. I really doubt anyone will use the wayback machine or make a connection between worlds but you really don't know.
I tell you what, you sure learn who your friends are in a hurry sometimes.
Also, I hate modern business practices as adopted by supposedly Christian people. It is pretty classic, they come in with a good cop/bad cop act to get you to put yourself in the worst possible light, then go after the person least likely to sue and they pretend to be really caring and respectful of a person's privacy but they actually reveal/hold just enough info to make them look good and make everyone think the worst of the targeted person. Then you can't defend yourself because if try to tell your side you still look like the bad guy. You are sitting there sputtering, "it wasn't like that, you have to put events in context, what about all those years you knew me before? That is NOT what happened," and they just stick it to you. Unbelievable when it comes from people who are supposed to be better than that. Who claim to practice conflict resolution. But screw you, and then tell you it is for your own good and you should keep quiet about it-for the good of Christendom...
They have Martyr's Mirror in the library and at this point thought I would be funny and make a comment about Anabaptists who have concealed carry permits but it just made me really really depressed. I'm not explaining that joke, if you didn't get it, then you won't.


  1. Bad dreams don't go where there's grilled coconut crusted lime shrimp and Mai Tai's.


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