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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

At The Beach, we see dolphins!

My wife and daughter don't want to be photographed and I'm gonna be in deep doo-doo but I had to post the view from our hotel.
We were awaked to my wife exclaiming, "Dolphins!!!!"
This was at 6 a.m. Oregon time. 9 a.m. Florida time!
The daughter fell out of bed.
She thought her Mother was yelling that dad had fallen off the balcony!
Later we had Waffles at the Waffle House.
They are at the beach. I will follow. (The family, not the Waffles)
I really need to be sitting down to post...if you know what I mean...
NOTE: I had to use the smallest filled rectangle I could find in GraphicConverter....Also, the pink rectangle is supposed to be pointing to a dolphin. I saved the photo at too low a resolution.
I love Florida and my new camera...and the fact that I am no longer in Oregon where it is cold and wet and muddy....


  1. Time to unpack the spandex so you can out bicycle all them alley gaters.

  2. Black squares! The new swimsuit craze. Is the water warm?

  3. The weather there sure beats what we're having!

  4. I bet it's nice to get away from the mud! Hope your having a good holiday and remembered to pack the mankini

  5. hey..... you're in my time zone now.....

  6. Shark practical joke. Dolphin fin-puppets.

  7. It's warm and there is a beach and people are friendly and I'm not in OR and I am not in a mankini!
    I did wear shorts today! AND sandals!

  8. Seeing my first dolphin on the South Carolina coast was pretty interesting. Prior to that the largest water creature I'd seen was a big muskie or perhaps an ancient snapping turtle. Walking the beach at 45 degrees F was much better than Minnesota's -20 F. I did not wear a coat or shorts or a mankini. Have fun.


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