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Friday, September 20, 2013

Planting before the rain

We need to plant our annual ryegrass. I'm sure Orin has his planted already.
Actually, Orin probably doesn't need to plant his annual ryegrass by the middle of September. His farm doesn't go under water every year.
The theory is to plant early to get the crop above the water level and ahead of the geese who keep it mowed all winter.
This is a good theory. Many times it works.
I have 60 acres that could be done. It wouldn't even take very long. Less than a day.
We thought we would get the fertilizer delivered. a few gallons of 10-34 in the row is also part of our clever plan for raising annual in cold, wet, low pH soil.
But of course... Wilco doesn't deliver, (Perhaps Orin could do something about that) CPS has a new field man who hasn't known us for 40 years and so they really don't care. They just said they would the fertilizer guy to deliver fertilizer. I suppose this means it will arrive Monday.
So I cleaned out my pickup and found a 300 gallon tank. Since 10-34 is like 11lbs per gallon we will see how that works.
As soon as I post this I'm going to wait at the gate at Wilco.
I also have to go and pay my life insurance today...
It is going to rain this afternoon.
Monday we are supposed to chop silage.
My wife just brought me jeans fresh out of the dryer. They are nice and warm. And she fixed me breakfast and brought me coffee. My daughter just gave me a hug.
However, her kitten just bit my foot...
The temptation to take my daughter to the beach today is very very strong... Perhaps the ryegrass will plant itself.
Perhaps my little helper will figure out how to run the drill...
Needless to say, King Kong will not be shown this evening!


  1. Sounds like a bag of mixed blessings.

  2. Checked the Empire State building last night for any sign of Monsieur Kong. Mary had her pitchfork, Tar and Rosin their banjo and I the border collies. Enraged peasants save the ape.

    1. I didn't let King Kong out of the tin. Scattered showers and I came home to a nice dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and chocolate cake. But, not king kong and no banjo music under the harvest moon.

  3. What, Whiteson doesn't deliver? Harrisburg does but they can only haul 1200 gallon legally. Sometimes they roll the dice and bring me a full 1500.

    I had a pretty good day on Friday but am still under 1/5 done. And it's funny how a field that feels smooth as glass at 5 MPH (harrow and roller) feels really rough at 8.5 MPH with the drills.

  4. I went to Wilco the next morning and got 200 gal with my pickup. The fertilizer guy said he would bring me out a couple shuttle tanks if I needed them. Not sure that was official or just because I told him several jokes.
    Yeah, and it is funny how rough it feels at 15 mph in a stacker...


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