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Friday, May 3, 2013

Trish Stephens for Amity School Board! Whoop! Whoop!

I was in the post office today. I was wondering if I stared hard enough at the empty mailbox that suddenly a couple checks from my no-till planting customers would suddenly appear when I spied a full color flyer advising me to vote Trish Stephens in for Amity School board.
It was on the floor and I picked it up to throw it in the trash as I'm just that sort of ecologically responsible type of guy.
I was a bit amazed at the full color and the fact that it was written in Spanish. Especially since native Spanish speakers are such a major part of our demographic in Amity...(sarcasm)
Since my grasp of Spanish is centered around words I learned while watching Dora the Explorer and Jose teaching me Spanish words that question a person's sexual orientation and infer what is surely an unhealthy relationship with goats the flyer really did not mean so much to me.
Being ever so clever, I turned the flyer over to see it was also printed in English! Lucky for me!
But there were lots of campaign keywords and catchphrases about the importance of education and doing things for our children and of course, our woefully underfunded schools. Not one word about goats!
Since my attention span is pretty short if the subject doesn't involve no-till planting, tube audio, or weird old music that would annoy my daughter, I didn't actually read that much of it and turned it back over to scan for the worlds "chivas," and "Swiper! No swiping!" This was much more interesting than the front side and occupied almost 4 seconds of my otherwise quite busy day.
Then I spied the garbage can full of similar flyers and wondered who in their right minds would be spending real dollars to win a spot on the Amity School board by plastering the post office with flyers for a school board race in which only 35 people actually take the time to vote.
Well, it is Trish Stephens and she has a lot of backing with good media access.
You may click here to find a facebook page which pretty much details why I am now going to vote in the Amity School board election, and why I am voting for my neighbor.
Trish Stephens appears to be a favorite of all the annoying people in Amity. There are photos of her canvassing the neighborhoods, working with school staff, claiming she will "improve" the school district.
Exactly the sort of person which gives us things like an improved downtown in Amity that looks good until you find out you can't actually park anywhere or turn into the bank parking lot when the police car is parked at city hall.
I am sure she has all sorts of things that need to be improved at the school.
I found another candidate who probably doesn't want to be quoted on this blog and asked him why he decided to run for such a thankless job.
His reply was that he was worried someone was going to get on the school board who would spend money and screw things up. That is the best campaign speech I have ever heard and I suggest a large sign on the outskirts of Amity.
I never let people put campaign sign up in our field. This is the one exception.
Now in all fairness I will reveal that the daughter attends private school.
I would like to say that the reason she attends private school is people who appear to be shrill and annoying but in reality there is nothing really wrong with Amity Schools.
In fact, I think Amity Schools are really pretty good. I'd say that the elementary is one of the better local schools. The daughter went to Amity for most of grade school and still has friends there. She also played basketball at Amity this year.
She goes to private school because my wife teaches at the private school and we get a good deal on tuition. AND, when people are paying for their education or the kid's education there is a whole different attitude.
When you are paying tuition and school administrator knows you can not send your kid there, you get a whole different level of customer service.
Plus, you don't get the whole idiotic fear of knives and guns and the push to get enthusiastic but misdirected boys on drugs because your teachers and administrators can't handle them. Or that whole over reaching fear of bullying.
Or the utterly stupid non-christmas winter holiday festival with the meaningless skit with santa and penguins...
So yeah, after looking at the facebook page I'd say that Trish Stephens, while probably a very nice person who means well and probably cares, stands for pretty much everything I hate about the public schools And, since I figure that most of the 20 hits a day that come from OnlineNorthwest come from people in Amity- Here is my endorsement.
Vote For Trish, keep my wife employed!!!!


  1. Sometimes it worries me when I understand your logic!

    1. Gorges, I feel like such a Philistine but when I compare the facebook pages of TS vs her opposition I see the natural fiber clothing crowd talking about hope and change who are really not from around here vs the blue collar working class crowd who grew up in Amity and went to Amity to schools.
      That is not exactly true but that is how I see it.

  2. I keep trying to get people to run for the school board on the district where I teach. The guy who cleans my room would make a good candidate and one of our security people actually seems to have her head on straight. I guess that is why they realize it would be a waste of their time.

    I have a few more young people like your daughter who will be going to private school next year.

    Grace and peace

    1. Pumice, no one wants to be on the local school board. No one votes in the elections, suddenly someone endorsed by the Teacher's Union starts spending money and running a real campaign. What is going on? From past experience it means 1. spending money 2. some kind of stupid program that is certainly not going to teach anything useful.
      Or if you want non-useful, no one is going to teach a class on Russian author's or how to write like Tennyson.

  3. Serving on the Blanchester Local School Board was one of the most challenging things I ever did. I can't believe I did it for 10 years. Thankfully we bought this farm in Wilmington City School District and I had to resign in my third term. Parenting is hard, teaching is hard but on the school board you might do one right for two wrongs.


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