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Saturday, May 18, 2013

It should not be illegal to make small explosions-explosions are fun and educational

I see that internet pressure has resulted charges being dropped against the "science experiment" girl.
(Click Here)
That is all very nice and fine but it is stupid to criminalize what used to be normal kid behavior.
Because she was a girl...
They termed it science experiment.
It might very well have been a "science experiment," but if it would have been a boy it would have been a bomb.
The authorities refuse to acknowledge the difference between a plastic water bottle and a car bomb. It is the stupid type of argument always used by those who want authority.
"If your friend jumped off a cliff would you do it to?"
"No... I'm not stupid and if he was dumb enough to do it why does it matter that I dared him to do it?"
You should then be set to be with no pie and not charged with assault.


  1. The kids at school are amazed when I tell them that no self respecting boy would have gone to school without a pocket-knife when I was kid. Remember Mumbletypeg? I am amazed that word was in the spell check, I certainly didn't know how to spell it.

    The Progressives are in charge and they want us to be safe.

    Grace and peace

  2. Guns, knives, explosive bombs and rockets, from grade school through high school, and never an injury or court appearance. We are now raising a nation of wusses who are missing out on a lot of fun. Too many crazies now because of the population explosion.

    mumbly peg in my spell check. :-)

    1. and mumblety-peg in the Word program. Been a long time. Anyone remember the rules?

    2. Rules? There were rules?

      Grace and peace


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