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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ideas for projects

So I got this Ford Ranger 4wd pickup. Have been thinking of things to use it for. I found this hydraulic pump with an electric clutch that is set up for a serpentine belt.
But it cost $500 and I will NEVER actually get it installed.
I want to add hydraulics to the pickup as I've been given a sprayer which will fit in the back of the pickup. I could put a hydraulic powered centrifugal pump (like I have to run the fertilizer on the grain drill) and have a sprayer I could spray thistles at Muddy Valley.
AND, I could power the Allen v-rake which is hydraulic powered. It would free up a tractor.
But of course it won't get done. To many other jobs to do.
I think I need a better helper.


  1. I have an aircraft hydraulic pump. Why not mate an electric clutch from an automobile AC compressor to it. Same thing only cheaper. Free if you can find a clutch behind the barn in something hiding in the weeds. Does it have to have a serpentine pulley? Of course it's still another project. And the truck will probably get stuck & have to be pulled out.

  2. I have a lot of projects like that. Most are collecting dust.


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