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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why there are No Trespassing signs on private property

We have a semi-retired wheel line which is a continual nuisance. The tractor that runs it is missing the engine. We have all the parts to put it back together, we just don't get it done.
For those of you who want to know. A wheel line is a long sprinkler line which has big aluminum wagon wheels. Each pipe runs through a big spoked wheel and they are all bolted together. In the middle of the line is a "tractor" which turns the line so that it rolls ahead.
The line we are storing for our neighbor has been taken apart and so the wind tends to blow the pipes around the field. We have them in a ditch so they won't roll but sometimes the wind blows a little harder than usual.
When this happens they blow onto the farm access road. The road doesn't really go anywhere, but there are hunters.
It appears who ever is driving on the road is to lazy to get out and move the lightweight pipe out of the road. So they drive into the field.
Though a ditch into the field.
So you have to think about it.
Two minutes to open the door and move a pipe, or two hours to walk for a tractor or another pickup.
When you think about it they do have a point. I mean, why wipe your butt when you are just going to make it dirty again?


  1. Wouldn't want to track mud into their $60,000 fancy pickup trucks.

  2. They probably don't know that it's light-weight, so they're afraid they'll have to grunt too hard.

  3. Their ego & the money invested in their truck tells them they can't get stuck. Roofing nails on a board is one solution.

  4. I can't tell how thick the pipe is but I would guess you should be thankful they didn't just try to drive over it.

    And isn't that why they want four wheel drive?

    Grace and peace.


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