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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trying to upgrade computer tablet for GPS

Enough about guns. I ain't gonna shoot nobody nohow...
Why can't you buy the perfect computer? Computers have been out for just a few years now!
I need a tablet that will handle 3-D graphics and has an outdoor viewable screen.
What I want:
Faster than 1.5 Ghz, internal Flash type drive (don't exactly have to have that), outdoor viewable screen, decent graphics chip, tablet format, would really like to have a screen brightness button, 10-13inch screen, power cord not on the bottom.
I had a Motion Computing LE1600 which I dropped in a mud puddle. I liked that computer other than it was too bright at night.

Oh, and I want to pay not much more than $350 for it.

Any suggestions would be carefully considered.

No, FarmerGPS will not run on a Commodore 64.

It must run windows. The version of windows doesn't matter. They all suck equally.

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