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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I was going to post about politics and a movie and personal freedoms but then I came across this photo.

It is essentially the last weekend of wandering around the farm that my daughter and I had before the rain started.
She is exploring the old big ditch that is supposed to drain our farm. It was built with a dragline in the post steam shovel days. Part of the drainage system was built by Chinese laborers according to local legends. The occasional plum tree along the ditch was left over from their lunches. I've been looking for opium bottles, heh, heh, heh. Of course it was such beautiful country they had no need for opium.
I'm not going to tell the big farmer who takes over our farm, nor will I tell the nice lady cataloguing artifacts. However, I will broadcast it to the entire interwebs.
Today it is chilly and wet. A hint of fog in the atmosphere.
I spent yesterday accumulating ingredients to make feed and getting free firewood. You can never have too much free firewood. (famous last words)
Today I am going to attempt to get the nut that holds the PTO clutch together on the M670 Super not to spin off. But I don't want to pull the PTO. It would be easier to pull the PTO.
If the nut was bigger I would drill sideways through it and insert a set screw. I may try this.
And then I have to decide if I want to tear apart the Planetaries and the CV joints on the 2-155. I do not want to do this. I do not want to keep this tractor for another 10,000 hours.


  1. Although my comment will be off the subject I had to mention that I have discovered why the "offensive" box does not show up on my screen. Apparently windows 7 blocks it out on my laptop. Here on the old desktop with windows xp I see "offensive" is back again . Now I need to get outside to work as the temp has warmed up to +10F degrees.

    1. The offensive box shows up here on my desktop w/ win7.

  2. Fire, the wheel, a drainage ditch and a working offensive box. Civilizations have been founded on less.

    1. The biggest wheel can cause the biggest problems.


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