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Monday, January 28, 2013

Green Coffee Extract?

I don't really understand what it does for you as I have never made it though an entire fake news article on the substance. I already have read my share of glowing testimonials in the Amway and Conklin newsletters and I tend to lose interest when the testimonials are in the first paragraph.
I keep getting spam emails which appear to be from my wife. They have her name in the "From" section but the email address is not hers. I'm sure the spammers think this is a pretty clever idea. I click on the link she has supposedly sent me and I get an info page about green coffee beans.
Of course when I click to cancel the page I get the box that asks me if I'm sure I want to cancel the stupid script that all those type of pages run.
Then I have to clear my browsing history and/or delete all the cookies.
I have never purchase anything that has been a result of a direct marketing campaign on the internet. No breast enhancer pills, no manhood enhancer pills, I know good and well there are not 100 hot women within 1 mile of me and if there were they do not want to get wild with a balding, grumpy, farmer who has not shaved in a week and smells faintly of hypoid gear oil.
I was briefly tempted by the ink cartridge refills and the girls in pajama's who were having a pillow fight but instead I talked my wife into going to Staples and I watched a rerun of "Hangtime A."
So... I am really not in the market for non-roasted coffee beans that it appears you have to take in suppository form. I don't take the vitamin pills that I am supposed to be taking already.
I guess the concept of hijacking someone's email list to send annoying emails sounds really appealing at the spam emailer's convention but is it really worth the effort.
Why not just advertise on talk radio?


  1. You really should warn people drinking coffee that you are going to say things like "that it appears you have to take in suppository form." Now I need to get the coffee off my screen.

    Grace and peace.

    1. Pumice, I apologize for the screen damage. I got a little worked up as this is the second morning in a row this has happened to me. Just be thankful it was not green coffee extract. That is probably nasty stuff.

  2. Green coffee is best roasted and served hot. It is hard as a rock and probably just as effective taken from either end.
    It's costs nothing to spam millions and there will always be one or two gullible idiots that will respond and therefore the spammers will never stop.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Is Green Coffee from beans that are not quite ripe or is it a kind of coffee bean?

    2. They are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. When ground up they are supposed to help you lose weight. Don't count on it. As an interesting aside, they are so hard they will destroy a regular coffee mill. They are like little rocks. Probably eating sand will do the same thing as far as losing weight goes. Of course there is an initial, short term, weight gain.

  4. The "hot women in your area" ads crack me up. One of the perks of Pioneer Telephone Co-op internet is that it makes those sites think I'm in Tidewater, OR. So when there's a dozen hot women coming up on my screen, you could infer that about 80% of the residents of Tidewater are good looking 18-30 year old females.......

    So the green coffee beans....I take it Hoodia (sp.) is out of fashion now? Wasn't that the miracle supplement a while back?

    1. Since there are only five residents in Tidewater perhaps it is not as inaccurate as you think?

    2. I think Hoodia is now a partner on a day time talk show.

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