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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A rant where I alienate my entire blog audience

I’ve been listening to conversations which usually include the lines, “let them come get them,” and “from my cold dead fingers,” and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
I think I’ll start joining these conversations. The problem with joining the conversations is that my opinion is a very unpopular one and it requires holding more than one thought in your head a the same time.
The last straw was a link from Gorgesgrouse went to an article that was exactly what I've been thinking.
I have not come up with a good concise argument. A few words which will lead into my view of the discussion.
So I will try here. A rough draft...

The war will not be won by any grand last stands because the other side controls the media and thus controls public opinion.
I don’t mean you should give up the fight.  But when you die in a hail of bullets at 3 a.m. and never even get off one shot from your AR-15, with its special rail mounted flashlight, and laser site, and collapsible stock, and your cases of ammo, it is one less vote, and it will be spun into the following headline. Crazy Gun Nut Confronts Cops. “Millions of rounds of Cop Killer Bullets Found along with King James Bible and Dangerous Nail File That Could Bring Down A Jet Airliner.”
The problem with my argument is that I don’t have the answer.
We all know the point of the second amendment had nothing to do with hunting rights. It was to prevent tyranny. The founding fathers were revolutionaries.
There are too many nails already in the coffin.
We accepted the drug war and the violation of the constitutional protection against  unlawful imprisonment and the taking of private property. (Well heck, I'm not a drug dealer. If you can't do the time don't do the crime)
We accepted the Patriot act and a decade of war that we will not win.
We accepted our government torturing prisoners. (Well heck, they are terrorists!)
We accepted our dear leader ordering the targeted executions. (Well heck, that Bin Laden guy blew up the WTC!)
We accepted congress renewing the Patriot Act and the violation of our protections against imprisonment without charges filed. (Well heck, they are mooslim terrorists!)
There are a whole host of regulations and losses of liberties which we have accepted but yet we think that we can maintain some semblance of self determination because we have five AR-15’s and 10,000 rounds of army surplus ammo stashed in the garage?
I'm not going to be the one guy facing down a pack of jumpy kids with submachine guns and body armor!
You tell me where is the resistance leader?
Where is the resistance cell?
You give me the resistance movement?
You say there will be a revolution but who is going to lead it. The head of the NRA?
Perhaps Mitt Romney?
You say you know the local sheriff and he won’t shoot you. You say no American soldier will shoot you?
Your local sheriff would most likely shoot you in the second you became a lawbreaker and resisted arrest. That is what they do. Would your local sheriff not arrest you for drunk driving?
The American soldier that shoots you won't know you or know why you are pointing that AR-15 at him. He will be told you are crazy, on drugs, a terrorist, what ever it takes. Does anyone ever read the news? Do you see what happens at home and around the world?
You think it will be a direct confrontation where somehow going down in flames will make a difference?
I think not. It will be like all other countries. It will come a little at a time. While you are watching the SuperBowl it will all become illegal. Your neighbor will turn you in. Your progressive relative in town will turn you in. (It would be for your own good, for the sake of the Children.)
So you show me the voice of the people clamoring for liberty and you show me the person who will lead the revolution and while I’m not sure I’ll be a lot of help as I don’t believe in killing people, but I’d certainly write plenty of sarcastic articles. Perhaps I’d annoy the progressive grammar police so badly that their heads would explode from frustration.
I don’t see it happening. Look at our presidential candidates, Mitt Romney? John McCain? What has congress done? What about that strange speech from the NRA? Billy Graham would be laughed at. Billy Sunday would be accused of hate crimes.
The revolution was not Televised. Ever read that little speech? Did you ever realize who they are talking about? Ever wonder just how you fit in? They play it on KBOO at least once a week. It is like a prayer to the people that taught the people who teach your kids.
While you were rooting on your public school sports teams and thinking it was a shame we had a winter program instead of a Christmas program your kids got their programming.
That is the issue, plain and simple…
What are you going to do about it?


  1. So your answer is just to give up even before any laws are signed? Wouldn't it be better to let your voice be heard arguing against this injustice instead of advocating defeatism? Despite our current Elected leader, our system is still based on what the majority wants. We should make ourselves heard. Granted, there will be no AR-15 toting resistance army after the fact. The time for the resistance army is right now, carrying words of outrage, not defeatism or guns.
    However, I recall that our well armed and superior army didn't do so well against a bunch of barefoot Asians in Viet Nam, and aren't doing so well in the mid-East either. See, they really do all look alike. As do we.

  2. Personally, I thought the war was lost when Bill Clinton was elected the second time, since it proved that the majority of Americans really didn't give a rat's fanny about morals. I believe the second shoe dropped with the re-election of Obama. Resistance or not, it's all down-hill from here, not that lost causes aren't still worth fighting for.

  3. Well you've not alienated me! In the UK we have the same kind of thing going on ut they've band a lot more things before I even got started. If we can hold on to what we've got over here then we can continue with our sports and pastimes but it only takes a knee jerk reaction from the government trying to apease the masses after another incident.
    The head line in the Sun the other day was "Massacre Gun On Sale In The UK" Check out the link and see if you think this might be written to sell papers!

    1. That's an eye-opening article in the Sun.

      A gun control advocate is quoted saying "If President Obama manages to ban semi-automatic weapons, then I very much hope the UK will follow suit."

      Over here, the gun control advocates are saying we should ban all semi-automatic weapons like they did in the UK.

    2. I think the key sentence is: "Anybody wanting to own the gun in Britain would need a section 1 firearms licence." That effectively is a ban. And also, that is a 22cal in the news article.

    3. But apparently you can hold a section 1 license in the UK despite being mentally unbalanced:

      "Yet crazed cabbie Michael Atherton held that very licence when he went on a killing spree on New Year’s Day 2012. Atherton, 42, was given a permit despite fears over his mental state."

  4. Well I can't add much to this. I am not alienated yet and it was not me that clicked the offensive button.

  5. In Massachusetts they've got a new proposal to make gun owners buy liability insurance. And where would you get such liability insurance? Maybe an NRA membership.

  6. It seems if the only issue we have left is gun control. There are a whole list of rights which we have lost. Yet, there is no coherent voice of opposition. I wonder if the reason Mitt lost is they way the Repubs treated Ron Paul at the convention? At least the issue of guns has brought some passion to argument. But, where is our leader? Where is a collective voice? How can you reach young people? We are out of fashion. The old way of life. It is like the old time music people who sing the hymns because they like shape notes and admire the passion but they can't comprehend the faith that produced the art they mimic.


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