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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A nice winter drive

This is what I did last weekend. A nice drive in the country. The fact that I spent much of my time driving in circles in a 30 acre field is beside the point.

I no-tilled Geotze Wheat into perennial ryegrass sod at an approximate depth of 1 inch and a seeding rate of 120lbs per acre. I did not get stuck. I did leave huge ruts on the corner by the farmer's living room window when I turned around and the ground turned to mush. But, though judicious shifting of gears and application of the throttle, differential lock, and adjustment of the drill height all at the same time,  I was able to not bury the tractor. It is most fortunate that I was not also chewing gum.


  1. Interesting to think that somewhere in the world tractors are floundering through mud. Here the tractors will only be pushing or blowing snow. Or possibly pulling vehicles out of the ditches after they slip off the frozen highways. Today high winds and mild temps are causing slippery surfaces and travel is not recommended but that won't stop most. Hence the need for tractors and tow trucks.

  2. Dang, such straight lines. Looks good.

  3. The field has been impressed
    as am I.
    That you didn't get stuck
    was more than just luck
    It was In spite of that bottle of rye

  4. That just ain't right. Can a man who plants in January ever properly enjoy a case of spring fever? But then, a Lazy Farmer likely has a year round subscription...

    1. A case of spring fever? Ha! Around here it comes in 55 gallon drums!


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