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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why I am not a Republican continued

Somehow I signed up for the NewsMax newsletter. NewsMax is an annoying site. Endless blather about what it means to be a "conservative," followed by endless ads for penny stocks, idiotic gun training videos-like the "million dollar patriot" who wants to give you a free gun for an overpriced shooting course, and constant "action" alerts for a crisis which would never have happened if there were any "real" Republicans left.
So... This morning I got their newsletter which notes that the bill repealing the ban on incandescent bulbs has of course stalled. Well of course it stalled because congress never wanted to repeal it. They have already been paid off by whatever giant corporation is making money off the new Florescent bulbs-probably someone who needs to get rid of a lot of excess mercury since you can't have REAL THERMOMETERS anymore!!!
But, I digress...
Check out the quote I pulled from the newsletter:

"The bill banning the bulbs — which use more energy than newer bulbs — was introduced in 2007 by then Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat, and Rep. Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican, and signed by President George W. Bush in December 2007.

Upton is now chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and while lobbying Republicans for the post he vowed to repeal the section of the 2007 bill that bans incandescent bulbs."

Well, of course... It could not have been done without the sell-out of Rep. Fred Upton, a longtime Michigan Republican.
I wonder what his pleasure is, Wide Stance, Wiener Tweeting, or most likely as a long time Republican-money, lots and lots of money, the god of the Republican party and the Short Pants Christian Church...
Oh, I get it now. He wants to be modern and progressive and for people to like him. See this article about his former "pro-environmental" stance that has now been influenced by the Tea Party.
Perhaps he is just a well meaning fool who knows very little about anything but getting elected. Look at this article and see how he has held his finger to the wind...Oh my! He has tossed us hardliners a bone!
Of course for those who read this blog and are "pro-environmental" I am not for clear-cutting the entire coast range (unless it is high line logging and I get to watch)  and I almost never burn tires. When I hear a senator is "pro-environmental" it just means they are taking cash from makers of solar panels, activists trying to keep me from farming, logging, doing anything worthwhile. (As opposed to "pro-business" which just means they are wide stance for General Electric, Monsanto, and their ilk.)
Anyway, I don't think it takes a genius to figure out that those compact florescents were a bad idea. The new LED lights are awesome.  I doubt killing the incandescent bulb will save anything. That technology has been paid for long ago. Just another way of sticking it to the consumer. Exactly the same thing they did when the outlawed Freon and ended inexpensive air conditioner repair, but only in the USA...


  1. That's all the politicians want to do. Flip-flop on the issues depending on who gives them the most money or which company will promise them a future job.
    As for the lights they are outlawing, they will still be making the decorative ones. Like the small bathroom, candle-looking, and the pine cone shaped ones. I like the led lights also. we probably wouldn't have gotten them in as short of time if not for the bill. Not that they weren't out earlier. They just weren't mass produced for us consumers. Sometimes good does come about in spite of their intentions.

  2. ps. I canceled my News-Max e-mail stuff. Can't remember how I got on their list in the first place. They seemed to Rushy for me. (Can you say slanted?)

  3. Bobby, I suppose the market will always win in the end. Supply and demand rule no matter what people believe to the contrary.
    I didn't mind that NewsMax was slanted, I guess that is kind of the point. I just got tired of being constantly being bombarded by adds for stupid crap that no one in their right mind would buy. Just plain stupid..


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