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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Since you really don't want to hear about my personal annoyances here is another robot doodle

I have always like Robots. I once read a book called "Runaway Robot," it was a good book. I had the book at my old house but I can no longer find it.
I am not so sure why the Robot theme. I drew them a little at a time. One would expect a robot to play techno but these are actually playing Bonaparte's Retreat.

.. After this I do have a Robot playing fiddle but perhaps I shall save it for another day. Now I am off to grind pig feed. I'm sure this will be very enjoyable as I know everyone like the nice itchy feeling of barley dust down the back of your neck in 75 degree weather!


  1. That washtub robot looks like a fine steady fellow who can hold a beat. I'm sure I've played with less reliable musicianers.

    Ever draw robots grinding feed or playing robot games with a busted stacker? The Illustrated Lazy Farmer is what America's coffee tables need.

  2. I played washtub bass in a jug band back in the 60's. Kind of fun!

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