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Friday, May 6, 2011

A very useful website

This is a link to a website that helps you find your phone.
What I need is a website that finds my phone charger!
Or that finds my coffee cup!
And sometimes I lose my pickup...
How about a website where I can find $10,000

-I know where my head is at but I can't find my body?-


  1. I want a website that finds stuff like disc scrapers, plow coulters, windrower forming rods, old tee-posts....all the tire-getters and equipment wreckers that can ruin a good day in the field.

    The coffee cup finder would be useful. But if I could find the cup then I'd just drink more coffee and I drink too much as it is!

  2. here i was always told that is why men get married, to have a wife that can tell you where the things are that you lost.


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