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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I plow 30 acres and listen to old country-western songs sung by Tom Petty cause I can't find Coast to Coast AM...

And that pretty much is the story of my whole post...
My AM didn't work as something kept shorting out the antenna. I think it was hitting the flasher bracket. I am trying to plant wheat before the rain. We were going to no-till wheat into wheat but there were lots of mice. I did have a plan.
The idea was to leave tall stubble in all the low spots and places where the river could wash. I can no-till though the stubble better than we can plow it down. We got over 2 tons of wheat straw per acre and it was knee high stubble. We couldn't flail it down as our flail exploded. My helper disked the field a couple times but that just make kind of a mess. The plowing job did not look pretty.
I decided to plow it myself as the instructions to leave tall stubble where ever the field will wash didn't get translated. I finished it a few minutes ago. It does not look so good. There are still piles of straw and the plow kept jumping sideways and leaving voids. It is hard driving with an on-land hitch on a pull-type plow. It is an old five bottom Melroe 911.
Tomorrow I hope to finish planting ryegrass which should be around 50 acres worth. I may get started planting wheat but I doubt it.
I just got a 50 acre wheat planting job 10 miles away that is on bush bean ground and has to be done before it rains an inch. Which it is supposed to do this weekend. I really want to get that job done as the farmer pays me when I finish the field. I mean, he watches for me to finish, gets my acre count and writes me a check.
That makes me happy....


  1. You must have been listening to Mudcrutch? I spent today on the 656 putting ditches in known wet spots and listening to a Phil Hendrie show from 5/2000, some Grateful Dead, some Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, some Jefferson Airplane, and a little Hank Sr just to round things out. Have you heard much from the new Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers album? I got it for my birthday, it's pretty good.

    AM not working...that's no fun. I spent a couple weeks with no AM due to alternator noise recently. I found I was less disgusted with the country then, but I kept creeping over to the hip-hop station and I think it's a bad influence, yo!

  2. Coast to Coast AM? Is that the late night show used to be hosted by Art Bell?
    I don't listen to much radio when combining. I try to keep all my senses tuned in for the next sign of something about to break down on the machinery.

  3. Orin, I have the playback boxed CD set which has a Mudcrutch disk. For some reason I can listen to Tom Petty over and over without it driving me crazy. Of course a Six CD set lasts a long time. Don't have the new album. I do have a fairly decent Hank Sr. collection. I found a trove of Waylon Jennings songs also. Absolutely no Hip-Hop.
    Ralph, Coast to Coast AM is the late night Art Bell show. Not sure who does it now. Sometimes it is Jeff Rense. Sometimes i hesitate to get out of the tractor at 3 a.m. after listening to it at night. I know what you mean about not listening to the radio when you are doing some things. I don't listen when chopping silage for that reason. I know at any time it could blow-and has!


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