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Friday, June 18, 2010

Totally random stuff I have been thinking about

Ralph Goff said he likes talks shows in a comment on a previous post. This got me thinking about Rush Limbaugh and his wedding. I guess I could do a google search to make sure, but I'm tired and want to go to bed.
So if Rush had Elton John play at his wedding...who is really the whore? Rush or Elton John... I'm not much of a Rush fan anymore. He is way too country club. The GOP clever rich folks let him in to a few parties and he was making a lot of money and now he thinks he is one of the clever ones.
So, that led to songs you would have sung at a wedding. We only had songs we found meaningful at our wedding. We sang "Blessed Assurance," and Dad said a long prayer and then we went and had lots of pie.
If I were to have another wedding I've thought about singing, "They ought to Name a Drink after you," and that other old John Prine song about the fellow who came home from work and found a note in the frying pan, it read fix your own supper I've run off with the fuller brush man. The refrain was something about, "I miss the way she used to yell at me/the way she used to cuss and moan/something/something/ whatever, it is not as funny in print as it was in my head. I wonder if the Flying Pig Fiddle and Banjo folks know those songs.
And what about that song where they guy works at a filling station and this fellow comes around every day in a beat up old model A and says, "give me .50 cents worth of regular, check my oil too if you don't mind, something, something, put some air in my tires, something... And then the guy dies and goes to heaven and just about when he is settled in, up through the clouds comes that guy in his model A.
So, why did the Model A guy bug the songwriter so much? Where did the song come from? Phil Oachs? Is that how you spell his name?  Perhaps Townes Van Zant? Who was the guy that sang "Turn Your Radio on and Listen to the Music in the air/get in touch with God/turn your radio on?" I think first heard John Hartford do it but I think Roy Acoff did is as well.
It has been a long day. I finished our clover silage and I finished the stacking I started last night. Some of the bales were warm when I broke them today. If there are flames I know why!


  1. Ah, the joys of music! I was sitting in the Fallen Arches Restaurant one morning working on a short story while the Toyota folks did the first oil change on my new 2007 and found my self laughing at a guy on the radio singing "...whiskey makes her clothes fall off." I wonder where he met my ex-wife.

    As for Rush and Elton, you know the old saying about politics making strange bed-fellows. don't suppose...nah!

  2. Flying Pig Fiddle & Banjo folks more likely to make up their own, maybe about the farmer who ordered a tanker of Gulf surf from the salesman who said it made great tractor fuel. 'Great deal, just for you. That well gonna stop leaking any old day and we gonna run outa this stuff, lotsa customers find shrimp and fish in their shipment, don't have to oil your frying pan.' Of course his wife and dog left him and he had to cook his bacon over a flaming hay bale.

  3. Sounds a little like Merle Haggard singing about that Model A. Although I don't listen to a lot of music I always pay attention if one of Merle Haggard's tunes comes up.
    Another day out on "Saturation Flats" trying to spray a crop of flax which is rapidly being overtaken with weeds in a field that was way too wet to be driving in. Flipping back and forth through local radio , not so much for talk shows but weather forecasts. More rain on Monday? . I really should be putting this into my own blog but its late and I'm really too tired to start on it.

  4. Gorges, Fallen Arches? Ha! Ha! I'm assuming that is another name for the chain that once sold kangaroo meat!
    Collie Guy, I got in a big argument about the tanker so I suppose I should not get started on that. I was called "cynical and bitter." Never, been called that before...I guess I otta learn how to play banjo. Was listening to bluegrass on KBOO this morning and I feel pretty tragic.
    Ralph, I was chopping grass silage and really leaving tracks. I may have a tach for you. See today's post! I have the 15 day forecast from Accuweather in my telephone. I look at it a lot. I find that wishing doesn't affect the weather.

  5. "Fill her up with love please won't you mister, only the hi-test is what I used to say, but that was before I lost my baby, I'll have a dollars worth of regular today" Wish I still had that album I think it was "Gas Station Women" by Phil Ochs.

    I think "I knew the Bride When She Used to Rock n' Roll would make a good wedding song :)

  6. Mr. G706, I think I have the album 50 Phil Oachs fans can't be wrong. I can't seem to find it though. I looked up Phil Oachs on google and he is famous for his protest songs. Those are the songs I found quite boring and didn't listen to. Hmmm...

  7. " Harold's Super Service "

    Now me, I work at Harold’s Super Service
    We specialize in service all the way
    And there’s only one thing that really bugs me
    Is that big ol' guy in his stripped down Model A

    At Harold’s Super Service, we do grease jobs
    We fix thirty or forty flats every day
    And just about the time we get real busy
    Here comes that guy in his stripped down Model A

    And he says, “Gimme 50 cents worth of regular
    Check my oil too, if you don’t mind
    Put some air in my tires, won’t you, mister?
    Wash my windows too, if you got time”

    Last night, I dreamed I died and went to heaven
    To that Mighty Super Service in the sky
    And I was satisfied of pumpin' gas forever
    For the angels in the sweet, by and by

    Now the pearly gates was just around the corner
    You could see the new ones comin’ every day
    And I was changin’ plugs on Moses’ magic carpet
    When, up through the clouds, there came this Model A

    He says, “Gimme 50 cents worth of regular
    Check my oil too, if you don’t mind
    Put some air in my tires, won’t you, mister?
    Wash my windows too, if you got time”

    He says, “Gimme 50 cents worth of regular
    Check my oil too, if you don’t mind
    Put some air in my tires, won’t you, mister?
    Wash my windows too, if you got time”

  8. Merle Haggard is the singer. You can hear him here.

    1. Someone else did it as well. I've heard another old version but can't find it.
      Thanks for posting the link and the lyrics.


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