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Friday, June 11, 2010

Things you tell girlfriends that they choose to believe...

A funny story...
I did some work for a young neighboring farmer and we were talking about his impending marriage. The subject crossed over to the other young neighbor who helped me last winter, who is also getting married. The two guys are friends from childhood and the two girls seem to get along fine, although they have little in common. Of course they will all drift apart later in life, but that is not the point of this ramble.
My helper's true love was showing off her fake diamond. She was stressing how it was more environmentally friendly and it was not a "blood" diamond. These were all positive things!
I started laughing!
The neighbor thought I was laughing at the "Portlandish" sentiments of the girl friend.
I was laughing because the guy bought her a fake diamond as an engagement ring, and convinced it was for the best!
Now that is it a good laugh!


  1. That boy is missing his calling! He should be a used car salesman!

  2. Gorges, It would be funnier if I was not also kind of sad. The girl is sweet but she has bought the whole "progressive" line to the point where it is a religion. (With patron saints, icons, and sacraments) She is quite devout. He has a conflict of worlds as he tries to be a progressive but is continually assaulted by reality when he works on a farm.
    But, yes he once sold insurance, and could probably sell anything to anyone! When I sell hay on craigslist I put down his phone number!

  3. Lot's of people have bought the whole progressive line!!!


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