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Saturday, June 26, 2010

More things go wrong, 9 acres to go...

We chopped 10 loads yesterday... That is pretty good considering that was 3 loads by 10 a.m. and 7 loads after 8 p.m.
The rest of the day we, 1. did not get the hay fluffed, 2. Worked on the mower driveline, 3. Got the wrong parts, 4. Went back after the right parts, 5. Put it together wrong, 6. Took it apart again, 7. Stood around and scratched our heads wondering why the driveline vibrated so much, 8. Mowed more grass, 9 Chopped 7 loads of silage, 10. Took the 1000 rpm stub shaft out of the 2-135 and wondered if we ordered a new bearing to replace the one we used to rebuild it last year...
In non-silage related news, we also spent a hour trying to removed the thermostat housing on the pickup as it does not work so well to use the heater as a radiator, my brother went to plant corn and I went to put air in the tire on the 670. Just another happy day!


  1. I dread the thought of cutting hay now as we approach that time. UP to this point any hay that had been cut in the past month would still be laying rotting in the swath since we can't seem to get three days in a row without rain. A rare thing on the semi-arid plains of Sask.

  2. Ralph, suddenly it turned warm and people are cutting hay like there is no tomorrow! We have six small fields cut, the largest being 15 acres. It would be perhaps a day's work if it were in one field! It takes a good four days to cure, but in four days we could have a totally different weather forecast. I'm already getting calls about picking up bales and the stacker is not quite ready.


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