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Friday, June 18, 2010

I hate farming

We chopped silage today. It took 3-4 hours for the truck to make a round trip. It was that extra hour in the 3-4hr wait that really got me. Half the ground is too wet to drive a truck on so we are dumpboxing part of it. I so want to be done. I told the guy there wasn't enough for another truck load and I'm either going to chop it on the ground or send it to the dairy next door. I sent him so really good clover silage and he just can't stand to see someone else getting all our silage.
Then a neighbor called for me to come and stack. It is only 10 acres. I think there is like 800 stinking bales. They are wet. They won't slide on the table, the computer and sensors are not working properly so I have to continually switch the computer to manual to get the first table to trip. Then I broke the hinge bolt on the second table with a full load of bales on it which was a bad deal. I fixed it. Then the bale elevator started plugging up with loose hay, the bales started falling back down onto the second table. The spikes wouldn't go up. It is 1:50 a.m. and I quit. The fellow really wanted me to get his hay picked up. I think I will suggest the other neighbor with a stacker.
I'm thinking about a craigslist advert.
Start your own hay baling enterprise! New Holland 1085 with 44450 hours. Drive it home! Hesston 1490 three-tie baler, field ready. Hesston 1340 disk mower, new conditioner rolls, Set of New Holland rakes with dolly, number 55 and 256, White 2-155, White 2-135, 2008 Great Plains 1500 drill with liquid fertilizer. (So you can plant your stinking hay) And then call the scrapper for the trucks...
Perhaps I could be a janitor somewhere. I think I'll leave farming to the guys who farm 6,000 acres.


  1. Farming makes a dandy hobby if you're not married to it.

    Your most passionate and funniest posts have not been about the joys of your profession. It would take until the first Thursday in 2012 to recount the regrets I've heard from farmers of my father's generation and mine who've wished they'd derived their income from something else, and farmed as much and when they damned well felt like it and on their own terms.

    Hey it's another day, and the sun is up.

    I see Mr./Mz. offensive is doing their drive-by thing again.

  2. I think that's the danger of doing the thing you love for a living, it takes the joy out of it very quickly.

    As for Mr. Offensive, he apparently wants attention and that's what we're giving him. Remove the boxes and moderate your comments and he'll have to get his jollies elsewhere.

  3. I feel better this evening. Got the field done. I find the offensive clicker fellow kind of amusing. My previous post where I basically called the president a corrupt fraud did not warrant an offensive click but I post titled "I hate farming" did? Since I took 20,000mg of vitamin D today I will just assume the best and figure the person meant to click interesting but missed. He was probably using a Windows tablet or something.

  4. Uh, why do you think anyone would be offended by you calling the prez a corrupt fraud anyway? Maybe not strong enough language?


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