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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rained out

We started chopping clover silage yesterday and then it rained. After two trucks got stuck I decided to quit. It was a mess.
I should have set up the chopping for Saturday but I didn't. I wanted to finish planting our empty 40 acres and I didn't want to run on Sunday. This is the first field of the year and you always have problems. So...I lobbied for Monday and the farmer whose silage we are chopping and the dairyfellow who is buying the silage actually listened to me. Sooooo... Saturday I actually checked the weather forecast and it didn't looks so good. But, the field was already swathed, or so I thought. Monday was a bit dreary but we moved over and chopped one load. It was really wet so we opted to wait a couple hours. I moved the tractor home and planted some more. We never got back to chop.
Tuesday morning we started at 8:30 or so. Once it started working (it was still a little wet) I called a couple friends and got two more trucks. We really got moving and put out 5 10-14 ton loads before the rain hit at 11:30 a.m. We finished loading two more trucks after that but they were only part loads. I was using the dump box hooked behind the chopper to pick up the wet sections and narrow parts where it was hard to run a truck along side. I was planning to drop the box and chop directly in the trucks as three tandem axle trucks keeps my little chopper pretty busy.
While we were discussing what to do next, a little field mouse crawled out from under the fuel tank and started running around on the hood. I should have tossed him in the chopper. I don't need mice under the dash of my White. This may explain why my lights are not working properly. I took his photo.
This truck weighed 52,000lbs. While it is true that it is a heavy truck, wet silage makes a heavy load...

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  1. How's the new engine working out in the IH truck? Did you wind up using the brownie out of the donor truck?

  2. Sure rained out in Ohio, more coming again. Which White tractor is that one? Looks too clean to be the one I saw, LOL. Mine are dirty...

  3. Some squeeze them aside, some squeeze them together, I guess.

  4. Orin, The new engine in the IH truck is running very nicely. I found a 4spd brownie in a neighbor's truck. I scrapped the 3spd out of the parts truck.
    Ed, that is the 2-155. I keep it cleaner than the 2-135. Plus, it was pouring down rain.
    Gorges-no comment...

  5. I've often said it before but too much rain is about as bad as not enough. Luckily for us most years we get just about enough. Yes, keep those mice out of the machinery. I've never regretted the money I've spent on mouse and rat poison on this farm. Its total war between me and the vermin.

  6. Ralph, I guess I have not pulled the White hard enough to generate enough heat to run the little bugger out. I'll have to give him a little mouse bait treat.
    The farmer we are chopping for wants to go again on Monday. He wants us to haul it out in dump boxes. I figured it would come to that. It will go a bit slow.


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