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Monday, May 24, 2010

I chop silage and listen to NPR

We chopped 17 loads of clover silage today. It was a tad on the damp side so we used a dump box behind the 2-135 until it blew a seal and sprayed a fine mist of hydraulic oil all over the International truck. It also filled the hydraulic system with milky watery oil so that will be 30 gallons for the neighbor's shop furnace. Bill swore it was just ice cream but I knew the truth. (Punchline to a really bad joke thrown in just for my personal sense of humor-Joke involves a penguin and a car repair at the Walrus auto repair shop)
I called up a neighbor and we went with two trucks and just the box on the back of the chopper. The fields were narrow and triangular and it was a pain in the butt. They cut them with a swather and then raked the clover. It left a lot of piles that tended to jam up the chopper header. We cut the one field next to a rich fellow's house. His house is huge and kind of ugly. He has a nice driveway. I accidently blew silage all over the road. I saw that the young fellow whose field it was, spent a half hour cleaning off the driveway. He is a nice guy.
I got a laugh out of NPR. The morons who run the government are talking tough with BP over the oil spill. The one dumb arse who is the head of the EPA or whatever, said something about having his boot on BP's neck. A nice fascist reference there... The spokesman for BP said that if the government thought they could do a better job then BP would certainly step aside. Then the head of the Coast Guard said how much they depend on BP and called it all a partnership.
Pretty funny. Our government truly is impotent. BP knows it. Obama can't even get Louisiana oil booms or make a decision on putting up sand berms to stop the oil. Like Obama could call on an American oil company like ARCO to help-oops BP bought them a while back. Perhaps he could launch a strike force on some brown skinned people, then get the wrong house, then prosecute some soldiers for doing their job, then torture some people and try to cover it up. Morons, morons, and more morons. They should have more women running things. That would make it a kinder and gentler world. A lot more rational and less paranoid as well...
EDIT: The above paragraph contained sarcasm...
I did see a DC-3 fly over. They are beautiful planes. Reminds one of a time when America was a better place. Built things, invented things, did things...won a war or two...


  1. I never chopped silage. I just never wanted to feed a cow something that smelled like it had already been "et" once.

    One difference between today's fascists and yesterday's fascists is that the old-timers would have shot the new guys for incompetency.

    Yeah, I like the old planes, too. And probably for the same reasons.

  2. I see your 2-135 is a 'Red Stripe'. Mine is an older one, but what is the White with the front wheel assist?

    Sounds like we are both busy and I had the hydraulics on both my 2-135 and my 195 gone over this winter to avoid just what happened to you. Hopefully it worked...

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  3. Gorges, I have a hard time drinking milk due to time spent hauling silage to dairies. The smell is not one I find pleasing. Hogs are much worse!

    Frank, The 2-135 is a 1984 w 4,500hrs, the 2-135 is the same year with over 7,000 hours. They are both series III.
    Now, owning a 195! That would put you at the top of the White-Oliver-Minneapolis-Moline evolutionary cycle. I hear the tractors are overly complicated and Fendt-like since then. Sort of like modern society and cultural de-evoloution...


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