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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am linked to by Eye of Polyphemus and I send him referrals

Sometimes I get linked to by The Eye of Polyphemus. I don't always understand why he thinks the posts he links to are "link-worthy." The most recent link was to a photo of a tree and the second installment of my planting on a very steep hill.
Mr. Jeffords has a list which ranks the sites that send referrals to him. The Lazy Farmer has sent 242  referrals and I am listed right below Asian Porn DVD website who has sent 247 referrals.
Don't click on the Asian Porn DVD link unless you want to look at BOOBIES! I don't think it is any kind of joke. I clicked and there were BOOBIES!!!.
So...What is the deal? I guess I should have spent more time investigating but BOOBIES distract me and since I was setting and watching Rick Steves with the family I left the BOOBIE site as soon as possible. How do you get referrals from Asian Porn DVD? Would you want referrals from the aforementioned site? Do porn viewers really go for conservative commentary on science fiction? Do the same folks that watch Dr. Who also love Asian girls with naked BOOBIES?
And... 242 people have gone from The Lazy Farmer to The Eye of Polyphemus.  I guess I should be proud! Please continue going to Eye of Polyphemus. I would really like to get up there ahead of the naked asians!


  1. Jeffords has some pretty good posts. I'd be flattered, too, if I were you. As for the Asian porn site, I'd sort of wondered about that, too.

  2. I do like it when he links but it always seems that it is not to a particularly interesting post. He has insightful commentary on Dr. Who and all sorts of other stuff and I feel sort of out of his league.

  3. Its a good blog site but a little heavy on the graphics for my miserable dial up internet service. One of these days affordable high speeds a comin' to rural Sask.

  4. The lazy farmer loads a bit slow as well on dialup I have discovered.
    How is the farming going? We are rained out...
    The Eye loads slow on our wireless connection at times. I do check it almost every day.


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