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Monday, April 19, 2010

Nuclear Meltdown Destroys Sadieville!

We left SimCity running all night. Everything looked good. The bars for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential were good. We built another police and fire station. We put in another nuclear reactor to provide power, we had good roads, and our tax rate was not too high. Before going to bed I checked and public opinion still rated S. as a good mayor.
But, in the cruel hard light of dawn it was discovered that somewhere around 1970 there was a nuclear meltdown.  Now in the year 2082 large parts of the city are radioactive. The roads are in disrepair, mass transit has shut down, and we only have $752 to spend.
My wife wants to start over but I say we can do it! Yes we Can! Change is happiness! War is Peace! We have always been at war with EastAsia, Oceania has always been our friend!
In other news typical of life here at Strumpet HQ, S and I have been eagerly awaiting the Arthur and the Minimoys 2 movie. Upon investigation we discovered that it had been released in the UK in fall of 2009 and was not easy to find in the USA.
So I looked for it online.
I found it and downloaded it last night.
Sadie and I eagerly started at the computer screen as it started in Quicktime and....
It doesn't really matter, we are watching it anyway.

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