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Monday, April 5, 2010

My favorite seller on Ebay whose films I never can afford...

Oh man I want this one, One Froggy Evening- It is a classic animated cartoon!
This fellow has got some good ones. There is a Mr. Magoo, Pluto, and a whole pile of other films. And I am #$%^&* broke.
Plus it will never stop raining so we can't watch them anyway.
I'm going to pop some vitamin D and go back to work.
There has got to be a better way to  make a living...


  1. That dull rainy weather will get you down alright. Here it is nothing but sunshine and blue sky most days. Snow is 99% gone and fields gradually drying up. Might get an early start this year.

  2. I have a hard time getting stuff done anyway. Need to be out no-tilling for the neighbors to make money.

  3. Well you could be stuck in a truck stop for 12 hours because you can't unload till morning, but the sun is shinning and the wind is blowing about 20 mph. I just wish every one would shut their dad gum trucks off when they park.

  4. So Mr. G706, you would rather be sitting in your truck or... would you like to be laying under the corn planter with fertilizer saturated dust falling in your eye, then be interrupted by a silly lady who wants hay but can't load her own truck, who then realizes she was supposed to be somewhere else and tells you to hurry up, followed by someone asking you for advice they won't follow and at the same time kind of putting you down cause they borrowed the dead corn planter out of the weed patch and think all White corn planters are like the one you quit using because it was worn out, then to be called to the shop because Aunt E. wants you to move something your brother left in the way, but you can combine trips cause your 90 year old father forgot how to run the printer, followed by Chronic Boy wanting to buy something with no money, and then it starts raining and floods the shop and you found out you left the key on and the battery on the tractor is dead and then you have talk to someone else who owes you a lot of money but just spent a lot of money on something else...


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