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Monday, April 12, 2010

I don't understand ebay

I had three items for sale.
1. Twine disks for a baler knotter. Probably worth $120
2. A structo auto haul in really nice shape, I would say it was worth $40-50
3. A  GPS receiver with a non-working antenna, worth $25 perhaps

The twine disks sold for $26, the structo sold for $24 and the GPS went past $100. I DO NOT want that GPS back. It is totally insane. You could buy a Garmin 18 for $35 which would connect to your tablet PC and it run FarmerGPS and it would work better. I did not hide these things in the auction. I do not want to ship this and have the guy say I miss-represented this item and have to take it back. Perhaps i should just email him and say, "look you paid twice what this is worth here is half the money back."
Then there is the frustration of selling the best Structo Auto-haul I have seen on ebay and getting half what it is worth. If it didn't take up so much room I would keep it.
I can understand the twine disk as it is not something one would buy unless you needed it and I have a five gallon bucket full of them which we scavenged from the Freeman Baler company when they moved out of downtown Portland.
I have have a notion to pull the Raven 210 out of my Tractor and write a glowing description and seeing if I can get $900 out of that, put that money on a good antenna, since crappy ones seem to bring so much!


  1. I've never bought anything on ebay, but having been to a few regular auctions, I suspect things work about the same way. If the right people aren't there to bid, you can get pennies on the dollar compared to the real value of some things. But if you get a couple people with "auction fever", you may get five times what an item is worth. Keep the guy's money and figure that it helps make up for the lousy prices you got for the other stuff. And remember, "a FOOL and his money are soon parted". (So don't YOU be one!):-)

  2. eBay is terrible for buyer remorse. Things don't look real on the little computer screen. A good photo covers many flaws so you may get some bad surprises!
    Once daughter and I bought a bag of diamonds for wife for birthday. Let's just say they looked WAY bigger on the computer screen...


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