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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A couple links cause I have nothing to say and I need to go to work...

Here are some links to other people...
GorgesGrouse has a good one today about the junk which we are told is food.

The Eye of Polyphemus has a good post about Waco which was quite disturbing and
And liked his post about scary model Naomi Campbell who was given a "blood diamond" by Chuck Taylor at the home of Saint Nelson Mandela. I guess they were all setting around telling stories about how fun it was to put tires full of gasoline around the necks of people and then setting them on fire. Then they got to talking about "whitey" and then Chuck Taylor started dissin' Mandella cause he is considered a superhero and the UN is after him as a brutal dictator. Then Naomi Campell said she like to wear Chuck Taylor, All-Star Converse Hi-Top tennis shoes and Chucks says, "You are a most be-autiful wooman," I will give you diamond."
I say to Naomi Campbell, keep da diamond. Tell those stinkers to go way back and sit down.... on tacks!

I suppose now the Eye of Polyphemus will link to me again on a day when I have a not-so-funny post and I will get a huge spike on the flag counter but none of those people will stay cause I was talking about no-till or Moline tractors or something boring. Oh well...


  1. Thanks for the plug!

    Naomi USED to have my respect, but I guess she's been amongst the elite too long and has gotten corrupted.

    As for getting readership spikes on bland blogs, that seems to be the nature of the beast. Anyone too stupid to check out other posts doesn't deserve to partake of our brilliance anyway. Right?

  2. Gorges, I thought the whole rich model thing was kind of funny. I think the clever folks pick those who are heroes and those who are despots or perhaps it is just the ebb and flow of a news cycle, what thought gains momentum and what belief goes out of fashion. There are very few true heroes.
    I didn't think the Eye would pick me up if I didn't click on the "link to" button. I don't know how all this works. I think it is great that he mentions me but I don't have anything really funny or insightful for his larger audience. Oh well, I guess &*($ em if they can't take a joke.


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