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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another happy day on the farm

I've been working on the corn planter. Well, sort of. My sometimes a great employee hurt his ankle on an Easter Egg hunt Sunday and so has taken a couple days off. He did get a draw to pay his rent and electric and insurance on Friday. I am sure there is no connection between the pattern of draws for end of the world crisis sorts of things and the illness that follows these draws. Just random I'm sure.
So, I've been working on one thing for a while and then getting distracted and working on something else and then I shot at some starlings and then I loaded some hay and then I worked on my drill and then someone came and talked to me. My standard day...
The White planter had a flat tire. I was moving it into the shop when a little red car came careening around the corner and smashed into the mailbox 500 or so feet away. I was so distracted I forgot to stop and put air in the tire when I pulled the planter ahead. I kept driving ahead to get a better look and when I looked back the tire was off the rim.
I can't figure out how to remove the wheel. When I turn the bolt on one side of the axle the other bolt moves. I put a wrench on it and then the bolt on that side unscrewed, leaving the axle still bolted to one side of the lift arms. I tried calling the guy in SD we bought the planter from but he had never changed a tire either. I emailed Ed Winkle and he told me not to give up and was quite encouraging, but, he had never changed a tire on his White 5100 either. Apparently White corn planter tires last the life of the machine.
I was working on this last night when a fellow came for chicken feed and distracted me. I had given up on removing the tire and hit upon another solution. I found half a gallon of that goopy tire sealer sold by CarQuest. The container was in pretty bad shape and the pump was broken. So I got a long funnel and dumped the half gallon of tire sealer into the unseated tire. I smeared it around the rim, then I wrapped a ratcheting tie down around it and was trying to get it to seat on the bead. I thought about starting fluid but I couldn't find any matches. It was not working.
So I went to get chicken feed. The fellow handed me a big roll of bills and said this was a payment on what he owed. When I counted it up later it was $100 in ones, fives, and tens. I think this economic recovery is BS. Nobody has any money. People are trading stuff and buying things $2 at a time.
But, I digress.
This morning I went out and put air in the tire. The goop had done its job and the is holding air. I have no idea how to replace it. I think we will have to sell the planter.
In other news I laced up a belt for the hammermill, fixed an oil leak on my grain drill, and nearly shot the radio antenna off the roof of the shop. I missed the starling. I am a terrible shot.
Tomorrow I think I will try the 12 gauge.

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  1. Starlings are a pretty small target.
    Your day sounds like mine sometimes. I start out on one job, get sidetracked half a dozen times in the process and never do finish the one I started out to do.


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