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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tennessee Waltz

I heard Tennessee Waltz on the KBOO old-time country and western show. They only play it at 7 a.m. cause I guess the normal degenerates don't get out of bed till noon. (inside joke for portland area people)
So I looked it up on YouTube. I think Patti Page did it first.
Here is Bonnie Raitt and Nora Nora doing it. Was going to make a joke but I guess it would not be very proper. This is perhaps a family show... Got one off color reference in already...
Here is Patti Page
Here is Les Paul at age 93
I can't find the bluegrass version. I think it was the Freak Mountain Ramblers, which is a local band.
Now I'm bored, time for church...


  1. My Mon and Dad's favourite song by Patti Page when it first came out in what, the late 40s?

  2. Patsy Cline gets my vote on this one. Bonnie and Nora are nice kids with great voices and color footage, but that is so slow they'da had time to make up verses about getting the truck stuck, loosing the dog and running out of beer.

    Lyrics limit its use. I just convinced a fiddle student maybe she shouldn't play it at her best friend's wedding.

  3. From the words, I'd always assumed it was written and sung by a man originally. Wiki has it being written by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King in 1947, and Roy Acuff as the first one to record it. I listened to his version, as well as Riatt and Jones, Patti Page and Les Paul. While the others are all great in their own way, Patti Page's version is the one I'll always remember.

  4. Ralph, Patti Page had a major hit with the song. Recorded it in 1950. It was one of the best selling singles of the 20 century!

    Collieguy, That would be a pretty funny song to play at a wedding. But who listens to the lyrics anyway...I bet you would work the rabbit chasing the cat under the fence and the truck getting stuck in there somewhere...

    Gorges, I didn't look it up before posting. I can see it as a Roy Acuff song. I noticed the gender thing earlier and wondered. Then I saw Bonnie singing it with Nora and it all seemed to a way that only could happen in the 21st century...


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