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Monday, March 8, 2010

It is Monday and I have nothing to say!

I planted 20 acres.
I went to a family deal yesterday. Aunt's 90th birthday and also their anniversary. My Uncle is a really nice fellow. The old folks are on borrowed time. I don't really know the young folks. They all seem to really like each other in that family.
Wife had a headache and stayed home. Without her I am lost. I mean that literally. I get lost. The location of the event was not on mapquest and I got the wrong school. Microsoft Streets and Trips is such a piece of junk as to be unusable. One is much better off with a map. My dad went with me and he has opinions but they are based on memories from 30 years ago and roads have changed. I thought Sadie had figured out how to use Microsoft Streets and Trips but she had only managed to get the gps to find us and was actually reading the screen like a map.
So, you can buy a little thing to put on your dash that only has four buttons and everyone can use it. Kids, old folks, goofy mindless folks like me, but Microsoft with all its billions can't make a computer program that is simple enough to be usable. Insanity!
Everyone asked about my wife as she is the friendly one in the family. They probably think she left me or something...
Today I planted 20 acres of peas. Pretty wet ground. Various things went wrong... blah, blah, blah.
Got my pickup back from the mechanic who is not looking so well. His eyes are now sunken and he has dark lines under them. Looks a bit gaunt, his skin is white like paper. He said he has been peeing blood. I would say that is a bad sign. I made him take some cash even though he did not fix the truck.There has got to be more to the story than what he says.
Daughter got her new glasses. She said things now look 3-D and this is a good thing. She loves her glasses. I guess she was a lot worse off than we thought...
So have a happy day...


  1. What is your million dollar deal? You know I get lost. Went to find some wheat today and it was lost, I don't know if it ever came up.

  2. Hi Ed-I'm trying to get people to give me money. So far I've raised $20. I figure it is the only way I'm going to be able to retire. I had kind of forgotten about it. Put a paypal link on here as I was trying to figure out how to take online payments for my Father's moisture tester sales.
    You probably lost your wheat because you planted it upside down. It will most likely show up in New Zealand!


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