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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love ice cream and am stuffing myself with chocholate chip mint till I turn green!

The farmer that lives up the road from us is an interesting fellow. He is the hardest working guy I have ever seen. He has made and lost a couple fortunes. He sometimes can hardly walk but yet he keeps going.
The other day I was on my way to plant and I going down some back roads at 7 a.m. and here he is walking out to his fertilizer spreader. He sat in the pickup with me and told me about a trucker who was hauling big bales and lost part of his load that night. The story was that he didn't know and got all the way back to Cloverdale without realizing he was missing a couple bales from the middle of his trailer.
There is more to this story now. Someone saw him tying down his load after losing bales and his truck has been impounded so I guess the old adage about not looking in the mirror and just keep going when hauling hay does not apply to bales that weigh a ton...
But, that was not the point of my story.
Mr. P. (The older farmer) bought us a crate of ice cream. My helper (J.) and I putting tin on our rebuilt shop and my phone rang. It was Mr. P. He tends to call and want help loading seed trucks right at lunch time and so I didn't answer the phone. Besides I was 20 feet in the air holding a 2x6.
It was right at lunch time so J. and I went to town for lunch. Along the way I felt guilty and listened to my message. He said to call him within 10 minutes or not to bother. It sounded urgent so I called. He said he was almost in front of my house and he would meet me there.
So, we turn around and come back and there he is, parked in the road in front of my manufactured home.
He has five crates of rapidly melting ice cream. He say's "grab a crate I gotta run." No mixing or matching you get what is in the crate.
I picked the chocolate chip mint and Oreo crate. 12 gallons of ice cream!
We tried to find out the story but he wouldn't tell. The Mexican fellow who is a pretty cool guy and helps Mr. P, wouldn't tell either. They just had silly grins.
I have no idea.
We have been eating a lot of ice cream.
Have you ever just sat down and ate a gallon of dreyer's ice cream? What a wonderful experience.
I'm kind of wishing we had not given any away to our friends. I think we could eat 12 gallons by ourselves without going past the expiration dates!

Sadie and I are home alone and eating ice cream. We are eating out of small bowls with small spoons. Our theory is that you won't get sick this way. The night before we just ate out of the ice cream tub. That is probably somewhat Philistine, we are now much more cultured with small bowls...

UPDATE: we have been eating ice cream for breakfast. We don't feel so well. This will be a long Church service. Does Pepcid work on ice cream over indulgence? I hope the sermon is not on gluttony!


  1. Oh my! Those anonymous people certainly know how to define fun! Why is only half the party wearing face paint?

  2. The old farmer's name wouldn't be Yancey Tucker would it?

  3. You need to invite some friends in to help you consume that much ice cream. Or else buy a bigger freezer. :-)

  4. Collieguy-Anonymous people have way more fun! The other person is actually a lion. I could not be a lion as lion's are way to rough, and Tigers are just not the kind you love enough and something about teddy bears but I forget.
    Gorges, I think he works to hard to be Yancey Tucker
    Ralph, we have given some away and invited people over and now we are just eating it all ourselves, because it is soooooo good!


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