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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am following FarmAig blogspot!

I am doing my part to support old and not really relevant rock and rollers. I've become a follower of the FarmAid blogspot! John Cougar, Neal Young, and Willie could do me a favor by clicking on my PayPal button at the top of the page and giving me a hundred grand. They wouldn't even have to have a concert. Heck, I know enough folks with medical chronic cards to get Willie high for at least five minutes. Click this link.... I am a little worried it will attract riff-raff to the sight. Folks crusin' by lookin' to smoke a "J."  I tried to buy Cheech and Chong, "Up in Smoke," in 16 mm to show on the barn the other day. It hit two hundred and I walked away.
I filled out a survey for FarmAid a while back. I want my key chain bottle opener. Why a bottle opener? FarmAid should be giving out free roach clips! But, enough jokes about Willie Nelson.
Does anyone think FarmAid is relevant at all? I've come to think it was somewhat harmful as they tend to get a little shrill, in my opinion!

Towlie says, "you wanna get high?" (the new FarmAid sponsor and new slogan for Willie's next tour)


  1. I think it's going to take more than a good (bad?) party to produce any lasting effects in the agricultural community. I think there's just a lot of people who want to be seen as doing good, but that aren't willing to do what it takes to make a real change. (Vote differently, buy differently, think differently, etc.)

  2. Too little, too late, too bad. But hey, it's a party. Can't even see a proper movie on the barn around here since it fell over. Maybe Willie will fix it.


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