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Saturday, January 2, 2010

It was a dark and stormy Morning...

It is the second day of the New Year.
I was reading some creepy science fiction short stories online. I not really sure where they were. I tried to find the site but all I got was which has naughty stories. I think the whole world has turned to porn. At first it was funny and naughty. It was fun to type in a random web search and see what sort of strange porn sight would appear.
Now it is just annoying.
Try to look up "amateur radio," good grief. All I want to do is find new scanner frequencies, I don't want to see ugly people having sex.
So, I can't find my story site, I read it late at night. It was creepy, about evil forces infiltrating the minds of adults and only the children could see the truth. I am using FireFox which dumps my history after every session so I can't find where I have been anyway. I tend to drift from one site to another and I was looking at blogs so I suppose I could get there again. I am pretty sure it was on a science fiction blogsite.
So, I had these creepy dreams about people chasing me and evil forces lurking around in the bushes.
I don't know why I even started reading the stupid stuff. I wanted to read this book I got for Christmas called "Deeply Rooted" by Lisa M. Hamilton.
It is about smaller farmers and I'm sure everything is going to go to heck for them and I will be more depressed than when I started.
I can see out the sliding glass door from my easy chair. It is nasty out. There is an inch of water on the lawn. I have a fellow coming after hay this morning. I have to go to a funeral this afternoon. I do not want to go to the funeral.
Then I looked at my blog reading list and saw that there is some freaky science fiction stuff on the Aspirations blog. Thanks a lot, now I will spend the day all creeped out. I think I will go listen to the Bailes Brothers, this will clear my head!!!
I looked up my post from last year at this time. There was snow on the ground. I was also kind of depressed.
The question is, have I moved forward or fallen backwards. Not so sure at this point.

Edit: Ok, if you follow me you probably realize I subscribe to the write and forget school of writing. Only not quite. I think about it and then I come back and sign on again and change something. So here it is.
1. Aspirations weblog, I didn't mean to say it was creepy or bad or anything. I'm saying I read some strange SiFi and then ate a bunch of ham and pickles and random stuff out of the fridge really late at night and had dreams about shadowy figures trying to take over everyone's mind, so then I read her blog and she was writing about the same thing.
2. Some while back I found a story repository online that was not porn. I thought it was stories online but I guess not. I did a search for online stories and discovered a lot of disturbing stuff.
3. I have had too much coffee and I'm getting jittery and even more random and now it is coffee time at the farm and my head is going to explode....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
4. I don't want to go to funerals not because I don't like the lady who passed away. I do like her and her son is a good friend of mine. I just don't like funerals...

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