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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anderson Cooper is a super hero

I kind of hate Anderson Cooper. He is the kind of a smarmy pretentious reporter that you really hope will get hit by the flying car when his is reporting live during the hurricane. The nice suits, the perfect hair, the muscles right out of a gym. Oh yes and we find out he has an alternative lifestyle. Well isn't that just perfect. What an angle, pretty, white and gay. That is so 21st century.
Ed Winkle was so wrong calling him a hypocrite over the whole cruise boat fiasco.
Anderson Cooper rescued a boy from a mob!
That was very special.
Rich white guy and a brown skinned boy. Never saw that one a commin' did ya!
Hmm-cynical much?


  1. OK, maybe he is not a hippocrit. Maybe he is true to form. I don't like that form. This is your best piece yet! When I see his face on TV and that isn't often, I want to cry out SUCKER to all the viewers!

  2. Being a Christian, I certainly can't condone the gay "lifestyle". But the bottom line is that any one sin puts us just as far from God as any other. The problem is that gays refuse to admit that homosexuality is a sin. Ironically, many will continue to admit that adultry, theft and lying are sins. If they would just live their lives and mind their own business, most folks wouldn't care what they did. Unfortunately, the more radical among them insist on trying to force the rest of us to say that their particular sin is acceptable, while other people's are not.

  3. I'm not commenting of the rightness or wrongness of his gayness. I don't like him because he is smug and I don't think he is as smart as he thinks he is.
    I think his gayness helps in an affirmative action sort of way.
    He reminds me of the sort of gay fellow who used to hit on me when I was young and which was very annoying and has made me a bit homophobic. A term I am happy to embrace.
    Finally, I dislike smug smug white wealthy liberals as they have pretty much ruined our interesting state. Make them gay and you can't even criticize them as it gains them the special superpowers of the disadvantaged...
    For all my fussing and puffing-I do kind of like hippy sorts and liberals who actually have an open mind. Generally, they also like me.


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