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Friday, September 4, 2009

Yield Update on spring wheat

Last march I posted some photos of no-tilling into what was basically mud. I talked to the farmer the other night at a farm meeting and he told me he got over 110 bushel yield on this wheat. Pretty good for March planting, especially planting into such adverse conditions. The variety was Merrill spring wheat.
The above photos are of the wheat struggling to come up. I also found a photo of the nearly plugged up disk openers.
The fall wheat I planted for this fellow did even better. Some of it went 200 bushel. That is another story which we will not discuss at this point in time.
However I think it is safe to assume I will be planting for him again. This no-till planting is at times such a crap-shoot. This year we could have rain at the wrong time, slug and mice damage, I could set the drill wrong, who knows what could happen. Just random acts of failure. Oh well, that is life. Two more years and that drill is paid off!!!

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