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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Silage Photos

Here are photos from silage harvest. It was over pretty past. First 25 acres in 4 hrs. Next 25 acres in three days. Or really perhaps two half days and one full day.

Look at the volume coming out of the spout. Three row header on an old 890 New Holland Chopper. $200 at an auction, three row corn head was quitee a bit more...

Then we were done. Had to leave a few rows here and there for the duck hunters.

I drove truck for the first time in 25 years. Just hauled one load, filled two. Hope my brother enjoyed running the White 2-135. When I used to drive truck it was behind a Fox one row pulled by a M670 super. Same truck but it was in a little better shape. Sometimes I drove the 1951 Studebaker.
Below is the view I am more used to...

What kind of creature is this bug? Locust?

And here is the last blackberry of the summer!

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