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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More of the Amity Park tree cutting Misadventure

Was looking for more info about the clever folks at the Amity city hall who decided to log the park.
Yes there is a city manager, and I think I'm right about the whole idea that the city manager went to a seminar on what parks should look like.
I found this letter to the editor in the NewsRegister.

And I extracted this quote from a letter to the editor by Gail Hult.

"Some 77 Douglas firs and three oaks will be cut down soon. As City Manager Layton explains, many may be diseased or are merely an expensive liability to the city."

There you have it. An expensive liability to the city.

There ain't much locals can do when the tree are cut down... City Managers are a pain in the butt. They have to create issues to justify their jobs. Looks like he outdid himself this time.

So how did it come to by the Dorothy M. Burns Memorial Park. Is this the Dorothy Burns who lived near my Grandparents?

Old timers who worked in the timber industry opine that the rest of the trees will now start to fall. The stand grew up together and is not strong enough to stand on its own once half the trees are gone. I really don't know. Of course neither does the city manager or mayor... I just admit I don't know!


  1. We learned the Sequoia just holds on by those root knuckles and when one falls the Rangers record it as "it lost its balance."

  2. I think the old Douglas fir trees have pretty good roots. The problem is that after they are mature they tend to rot inside. Then they split in a big windstorm.
    The old fellow who lectured me on the status of the park said that thinning the stand too much would result in the tree's splitting as well.
    Don't know if this is scientific.


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