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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More FarmerGPS

Last night I attempted to work ground in dust so thick I couldn't see where I was going. Fortunately I had by trusty FarmerGPS software running on my not so trusty old tablet PC-Fujitsu 3400.
I haven't been able to find a DC adapter for my Itroix GoBook TR300 and I lost the DC to 110 AC converter so I can run the regular power supply so I pretty much out of luck. My newer Fujitsu tablet with the big screen had an immediate hard drive failure.
So it is back to the old 3400.
I took on a 60 acre farming job. It turned out to be 48 acres with the GPS and one section of the field is full of wild carrot and it plugs up the cultipacker. I disked it all two times. I'm pulling the 914 cultipacker behind our old 14ft bush hog tandem disk. I need to borrow a cover crop disk but when it came down to actually borrowing one I decided I'd just make one more trip with our disk.
Last night I brought the harrow over and hooked on the disk. By the time I got everything hooked up it was dark. So I started the field using GPS. The first land was not too bad but I find it really difficult to follow the little arrow on the screen. After an hour or so I was so disorientated that I quit. I could tell if the harrow was plugging or what sort of a job I was doing. But, I did 10 acres so all was not lost.
We baled more of our Teff hay yesterday. The old Cunningham conditioner did a good job. The second field was still too wet. It looked ok and passed the twist test on top so Bill went ahead and put two windrows together. Usually they would dry out quickly when turned over but I think the rake picked up a lot of wet material. The moisture sensor in the baler read from 12 to 30 percent. When I probed a bale I would get lots of tests over 20 percent so we decided to quit and I went back to my custom farming job. Think we will run the conditioner over it again today. Seems to dry it out faster than the rake.
This is why we never throw anything away... Setting in the bushes for 20 years and we get the urge to use it again...

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