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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How can you work all day and accomplish nothing?

I am trying to get ready to plant. This should not be a hard job. I already did a lot of work to my drill. It should have been just a matter of hooking it up.
I did remount my calc-an-acre and spraymate fertilizer rate controller. That was not a big deal. I now have way to many cables in the cab. Very messy in the cab now. The foam marker is nto working, worked on that for a little while. I changed my orfice plates to drop down to 10 gal of fertilizer per acre.
Brother and I went and looked at a field to work for a vineyard fellow. He wants to be organic and I have no good idea how to get him a crop. If I knew, I'd be organic myself. He wants to plant clover and get a crop for bees next year.
The field is on a hillside, it has not been worked in years. Lots of bentgrass and black berries. I'm betting his pH is below 5.5! I could disk it twice, plow, disk, harrow twice, harrow again, plant. But, do I wait for a sprout? This is the end of September. What about erosion?
We told him to mow it and we would disk it a couple times and see what happens. I think I could use my no-till drill to plant oats.
Checked out some fields, trying to figure out if our spring planted red clover is a failure. I think it is. Or if our spring planted fescue in the teff field will make it. There are good heathy plants, just not that many of them.
I did mount the digital TV antenna for my wife. That was not so successful. Four channels of PBS! Boy, switching to digital was a good idea for us! Especially since I do hate TV...
Tomorrow is another day!
Remember, if you let yourself down-you let your country down!

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