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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinosaur Train

Lets start out by stating my bias, I really don't like television...
I am continually reminded why I dislike television.
This morning the honor goes to the PBS show Dinosaur Train. It mixes science with fantasy which is perfect for the modern child who should be well programed whatever current superstitions and propaganda is in favor with the department of education by the time they get out of school. Junior environmentistias and Christo-phobic's by age 16.
The show features cartoon dinosaurs who travel by train between different periods in the evoloutionary chart and meet different dinosaurs who didn't live at the same time period. They have various problems which they solve. These problems are the usual stuff of the modern world of children's books. One dinosaur who has terrible claws does artwork with his claws. The dinosaur kids who travel by train to meet him, help him put on an art show. His friends and parents see the show and thing it is wonderful. He now calls his claws "terrific" claws.
Then there is Dr. Scott the Palentoligist who comes on screen to give us evoloutionary tidbits. Everyonce in a while this moron will appear on screen, stepping through a door that appears on screen and says, "point of fact, dinosaurs did not play dino-ball," sort of a Monty Pytonesque idea.
It is really just annoying.
There are bright green and orange colors and awkwardly rendered dinosaurs. Sort of a influenza fever tint to the whole thing.
Of course Sadie likes it.
The think is she would stare at anything moving on the screen early in the morning.
Or nothing.
The TV doesn't have to be on. She gets ready faster, has a better morning with no TV. In the past I have read to her while she gets ready for school.
But,  our TV stays on. A continual background irritation. I find I tune out and focus on the computer screen or a books and pretty much withdraw. Perhaps I would do that anyway.
Perhaps it is something I need to work on.

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