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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dairy Crisis

I was looking at my links on the blog sidebar. I check out Gasoline Alley every day but have not looked at vdare for several months. The whole political situation just gets me depressed.
They were discussing immigration and the dairy crisis. The post had several interesting items and you click on the link and read the post.
I find it interesting that I often disagree with the whole argument, or perhaps I should say I find myself finding a different question.
The V-dare post seems to link dairy size to the crisis, and also illegal immigration. One reader wrote in and made a direct link, saying if dairies are going to get more money then they should hire Americans. More information indicated that dairies are getting bigger in areas such as California, New Mexico, and Idaho.
The problem is that you have a number of different things going on.
Yes, I think the dairies are too big, and yes they over produced.
The dairy industry is highly regulated as the production capacity can quickly outstrip demand.
But they have Mexican immigrants doing the labor because from what I have seen, the average immigrant works harder, does a better job, cares more about his job, commits fewer crimes and is not a Meth addict. The sort of American who will shovel crap, milk cows at 4 a.m., and not take drugs, just doesn't exist anymore. If you should find an American citizen who will do this kind of job you should check to see if he is just a little jittery, perhaps look for open sores that he picks at constantly, check out the teeth.
The argument is not about the availability of cheap illegal immigrants saving the dairies so much money that they can expand to 3000 cows. That is a totally separate issue. Now you can complain about 3000 cow dairies and big nurseries making a practice of hiring illegals, that is a valid point. But a 3000 cow dairy is not really a family operation, it is an industrial facility.
Then again, if it were not for very restrictive pollution laws, and petty and stupid government officials who enforce the laws, there would be a lot more small dairies near population centers and more of a local job market. When the small dairy goes away, the ambitious producers move to Idaho or New Mexico and as long as they are borrowing money to start all over, why not do it big time-and they do... Away from the population centers.
Then there are the price supports and the focus on exporting concentrated Milk products around the world and the US dollar and the world recession, so really there is no one answer to the dairy crisis.
I do know that losing our local 350 cow dairy has hurt our farm. We sold them hay, 2500 tons of silage, excess grain, straw, we chopped clover silage off of several local farms for him. It is really a shame.
Just shutting down the border will not fix the problem. You have to first recognize that there is a demand for this kind of labor. Then you have to overhaul the immigration process so that people can actually apply for a work permit or somehow actually be allow legally in the country. Then you can put more pressure on enforcing the borders and making sure those here illegally are kicked out. You can't fight the forces of supply and demand, by shutting off one or the other. It needs to be channeled and shaped.
But, we have morons running every aspect of this country and little hope for positive change. Every crisis is a chance for someone to make some money, gain some political clout, gain power. It ain't about you and I and no one really gives a crap about the average Mexican, sort of a new Colonialism but without the tempering influence of those who believed God called them to help the poor and suffering...

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