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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Oregon State Fair

I have been invited to guest blog for Ed Winkle while he is on his cruise. You can see what I did today over at his blog Not so sure how I feel about being a guest blogger. I think I like to be more anonymous. I kind of hide behind the Budd E. Shepherd identity when I'm on the internet.
Here are some photos. I like the old rides and the old buildings. I think guinea's are ugly! Wife took Sadie on her first carnival ride!!! And Sadie and I try out the Foot Tingler. Foot massage for a quarter!
And we had ice cream-but not photos to prove it!
Now Sadie and I are going to go and do something other than be on the internet. Not sure what it is but we are going to do it...
Sadie is looking over my shoulder. She say that the spider ride was the most fun. It is the ride pictured. It spun in circles and went up and down. She says this ride was her favorite part of the fair. The animals were, "ok." She does say she wants to go next year. So it must have been ok.

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