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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I make a fool out of myself...

Apparently my 90 year old father sent in a subscription card for safety training materials. Somehow he signed up for a five year subscription with a company called J.J. Keller & Associates or and I don't think he realized it was going to be $500. Plus he didn't use a credit card so we could just dispute it though the credit card company.
My brother called and it seemed simple. He got a return authorization number and everything seemed cool. Then dad got a call on his cell phone. It was a salesperson trying to talk him out of canceling. So my brother got on the phone. He was standing outside the shop but I could tell by the color of his ears that he was angry. In the end they talked him into a one year subscription. I am not criticizing him as I think there was a really good saleslady on the other end. But, after being through this sort of thing before I am really angry with JJ Keller and Associates. So what if someone sent in a subscription card. We are not happy. So what if it is useful info, we are not happy. Cancel the subscription.
So I followed Ed Winkles individual activism approach and wrote an email. Sent it to the comments section on their website. I think I will also send a letter through the mail.
Letter is as follows:

Our business recently received a package of safety training materials and a bill. Upon reading the bill we saw that we had signed up for a five year subscription for safety information.

My brother called your company and apparently our 90 year old father sent in a subscription card and requested the information. My brother says that because we sent in a subscription card we could not cancel the order and but you did cut the subscription rate down to a one year subscription.

Now, I was not the one on the phone, and I am but a minor partner in this business. This is a very small business. My brother and father are good natured honest people. Perhaps you should branch out into taking candy from babies. You could probably resell it on your very nice slick website-that makes you look like a legitimate business.

I really don't care whether your materials are good, or if there are a hundred glowing testimonials.

I really don't see how it matters if we sent in a subscription card or not. Your materials are not what we need or want. If you were a reputable business you would take the materials back and cancel our bill. This is totally unbelievable that you would even argue about this issue. We are not happy, we don't want your services and that is all.

Won't do much good I don't suppose but I'm still pissed...


  1. Maybe a slightly less colorful sequence of events might be of interest to the state attorney general's office.

  2. See above post...
    Are you in Oregon right now? You are playing at the Butteville store this weekend?
    I guess I better check my email again...


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