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Friday, August 28, 2009

Half-Assed Farming

I hate having absolute crap to farm with. I'm not sure what to do about it, but I hate it just the same. It once made me so angry that I spent $12,000 on a baler (paid off early). Hmmm and my brother and I are in the process of spending $26,000 on a stacker that we didn't get enough work to make the payment on. So, perhaps spending money is not always the answer. Or perhaps once again, it is timing. Should have bought the stacker when I bought the baler....
But-that is not the point. Brother is gone truck driving. I meant to get up and check the water early but got distracted by the internet. I have several old rotary dial phones and I want to make a phone network for the kids out here. I want to mount on in daughter's playhouse and another at the barn or at the cousins house across the lot. I found instructions to hook 2 together with a 9v battery but not sure how to do the ringer.
Again, I digress.
I drive down the hill and no water.
I drive down the road and there is a lake. A huge freaking lake. It has filled the ditches on both sides of the road, flowed through the culvert and down into the clover field. There is a 1 foot gap at the very end of the mainline.
Now my cousin's dumb-ass kid is camping at the river, driving up and down the road, shooting guns, the dogs don't like them so who know what else they've been up to.
Did he call me?
Of course the irrigator is still running as the tractor has no murphy switch and the irrigator has sped up somewhere in the night and is almost in.
That irrigator is such a piece of crap anyway. Has cost us so much money. The last time it was on this setting the cart kept tipping over, so this is the second failure in a row.
Of course I get a text from employee, he has another crisis.
When his daughter moved out with her jail-bird boyfriend they somehow got his mail canceled and now he has to pay his electric bill and go to the post office to straighten it all out.
I need 2-135 to pull the gun back out (if I can pull it!!!) and it is hooked to the baler three miles down the road.
I'm sitting in my office (and when I say office I mean-I'm taking a crap) waiting for a call from cousin who farms nearby, he is going to give me a ride to the tractor, which is in his field. Wife is at a garage sale, dad is 90 and not sure I trust his driving. I could walk...
This is why people turn to drink.

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