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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Define Absurd

We watched movies on the neighbor's barn tonight. Now that in itself is not that strange. The neighbor built a big white barn across the road from our house. It makes an excellent projection screen. I've been finding 16mm films, cartoons, old commericals, cowboy movies, and we invite some friends and watch movies on summer evenings.
What amazes me is this following little story.
My wife got a call from her sister yesterday. Her niece has been in Spain learning the language and experiencing Spanish culture. Her host is now visiting her in Tacoma and experiencing American culture.
I've read the emails from my niece. They visited 500 year old sites of historical value. They went to museums, they ate at small interesting and romantic cafe's. They hung out with hip young people and had good food and coffee and whatever else you do in Spain. They toured a big farm where the girl's uncle was a manager. It was clean and neat and really big.
So-my sister in law brings this very nice and kind of quiet girl from Spain to our farm in the middle of freakin' nowhere USA to watch movies on the side of a barn. We watched Farmer Alfalfa and the mechanical cow, Woodie Woodpecker, the Piano Tuner, A racially insensitive Mr. Magoo, Forage Harvestor Safety (neat old film form IH), this stuff would not even make Nick at Nite. Next they are taking her to Church camp meeting. This is totally absurd. They are doing this with a totally straight face, no tongue in cheek, no sense of the ironic or appreciation of the contrast between my niece's experience in Spain and the host girl's experience in the USA. 
This is not even a fair example of life in the USA. No body watches old movies on the side of a freakin' barn.  With, hay trucks going by on occasion, and neighbors stopping by to watch.
I just wonder what she thinks.
I asked her and she just laughed. 
Who knows...

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